Can You Tan When It’s Cloudy?

If you’re looking to get some tanning in on a cloudy day, you absolutely can! According to the SCF, approximately 80%of the sun’s UV rays can pass through the clouds. So to make the most of your tanning time, you’ll want to choose a spot with minimal cloud cover and …

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Are There Guidelines for Types of Ink Used for Tattoos?

Actually, it may surprise you to know that there are no specific regulations covering inks used for tattoos in the UK. There have been some issues recently, with a study being published which indicated that some popular tattoo inks contain toxic heavy metals at dangerously high levels. Potentially, this could …

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Beauty Therapist – Can I Practise if I am Unqualified?

There are no legal requirements as such, for anyone who wishes to set themselves up as a beauty therapist, but if you were to set up a beauty salon or a business and you didn’t have any qualifications, the salon or therapist would not get insurance. Also if the salon …

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