Why Do Tanning Beds Make Cracking Noises

Tanning beds are designed to emit UV rays that can help to produce a golden tan on the skin. These UV rays are generated by specialized lamps inside the tanning bed, and the heat generated by these lamps can cause the tanning bed to make cracking noises.

The cracking noises are caused by the expansion and contraction of the materials used to construct the tanning bed. When the heat from the lamps is turned on, the metal and plastic components of the tanning bed will expand slightly. As the heat continues to build up, these materials will continue to expand until they reach their maximum capacity.

Once the materials can no longer expand any further, they will begin to contract as they cool down. This contraction can cause the tanning bed to make cracking noises as the materials snap back into their original shape.

Additionally, the movement of the tanning bed’s lamps can also contribute to the cracking noises. As the lamps move to different positions inside the tanning bed, they can cause the bed’s frame to shift and make cracking noises.

In most cases, the cracking noises made by a tanning bed are not cause for concern. They are simply the result of the materials used in the bed’s construction and the heat generated by the lamps. However, if the noises become excessively loud or frequent, it may be a sign that the tanning bed is in need of repair or maintenance. If you notice any unusual noises coming from your tanning bed, it is best to contact the manufacturer or a qualified repair technician for assistance.

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