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Dissatisfied with Massage or Salon Treatment?

By: Sarah Clark (ILEX) - Updated: 27 Apr 2017 | comments*Discuss
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When you go to a spa or a salon, you expect to have a relaxing, invigorating experience, and to leave feeling refreshed and calm. As with all things though, sometimes your expectations aren’t met. So what can you do if your salon session turns into a nightmare, or your spa trip isn’t what you expected?

The Salon’s Gone

Ok, so it can be great to receive a gift voucher for a spa or salon treatment, and you will probably put it away until you have the opportunity to plan your pamper day. What can you do if by the time you ring to make the appointment, they have gone?

Firstly, make sure that the voucher is in date. Most of them expire after a certain time, and when that time is up, the spa or salon won’t be obliged to redeem it. Unfortunately, if your salon has gone out of business before your spa voucher has been redeemed, the chances of getting a refund or any compensation are minimal. Once a company has gone into liquidation, you can only claim money from them if they have enough funds available – and this is quite unlikely.

Do The Job Properly!

In general, any treatment that you have in a spa or a salon is a service according to the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. This Act covers any service you buy, whether it’s a blissful (or not so blissful) massage or a washing machine repair. You’re entitled to expect any service you pay for to be carried out with ‘reasonable care and skill’ for a start. This is means that, for example, the therapist waxing your legs should know what she is doing, and you’ll know for sure if she doesn’t!

If you’re not happy with the way your treatment has been carried out, you should speak to your therapist, and the spa or salon manager. There is usually a way of resolving the problem amicably. If, for example, your nail extensions start to peel away a few days after you’ve had them done, you’re well within your rights to ask for the nails to be done again. If this isn’t possible, or the salon won’t play ball, you could ask for a full or partial refund to get the work done elsewhere. This tends to be harder to do amicably, so if this happens and you can take a photo of the work before it was rectified elsewhere, do so, as you might end up having to pursue a refund through the court system.

It Does What it Says On The Box

Another issue you need to be aware of is that by law, any service or goods that you pay for have to be ‘as described.’ So if you hand over your credit card to pay for a 90 minute massage and body treatment and the therapist is hanging up her gloves after an hour, you would have every right to point at the spa treatment menu and ask for a refund to cover the missing 30 minutes.

If you have a tanning treatment that is described as ‘lasts up to 14 days’ and it’s disappeared after three, or a body wrap that promises an inch loss of up to two inches when there’s been absolutely zero difference on the tape measure you could also feasibly return to the salon and ask for another attempt.

The trouble is that a lot of the descriptions of beauty treatments are fluffy and vague. You can’t always quantify ‘relaxing’ or ‘pampering’ so it’s hard to complain about a massage not being relaxing enough, or a body scrub not being invigorating. The main thing is that you should always feel that you’ve got what you’ve paid for with any beauty treatment – a visit to a spa or salon is supposed to be a treat and not a trial.

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I had my eyebrows semi permanent tattooed and it was an unprofessional standard. Both of my eyebrows are not symmetrical as one of them is more arched than the other and the skill as hair stroke as they described it.It was not hair stokes it was more like lines and the shade do not match.I clearly stated after the treatment I did not like them.And the beauty therapist told me that they contact their manager and will get back to me. But the manager did not get back to me and had to case them up.And eventually the manager tells me to make an appointment asap. I did that, and told me the earliest they have will be within 2 weeks. I go to the appointment and the person handling at the reception tells me they tried calling me and emailing me that my appointment as been cancelled.Giving me 2 hours before my appointment of notice is not acceptable as I was at work and with no signal.So i wasted my time traveling to the Salon. And I just want my money back as recently they have a very bad review on Google regarding the same issue I have.I don't think they can fix my eyebrows and i am scared what they are going to them.
Ducky - 27-Apr-17 @ 6:31 PM
Got my makeup done by shek goddess larne and my face came out in an infection...doctor confirmed it was caused by cross contamination of dirty brushes..i should of seen the warning signs as the salon from a house with black mould all down the walls..the so called beautician was scruffy and untidy..after consulting friends stories of previous complaints in which court proceeding was brought against her yet she continues to abuse an industry of which there is minimal checks for hygiene ever carried out...
Linsi - 11-Nov-16 @ 5:15 PM
I recently received laser hair removal and in between treatments they advised me to shave which I continuously throughout the course told them it was mkaing my hair worse and they said this is normal I have now finished the course and left with a tick black beard like a man can anyone advise me what to do
Laserunhappy - 4-Oct-16 @ 10:54 PM
I have a complaint against a salon in purchasedifferent a groupon for. I paid for a massage and body wrap. The massage was very painful. I told her she was hurting me and she said I was tense on the shoulders and no pain no gain. I didn't enjoy the massage at all. When I got home I was all red and sore as she had gone in too deep.I was off work 2 days. Had to see my GP as was in agony who was shocked and prescribed Naproxen. I sent photo to Groupon of my red shoulder and back and advised them of my experience. All they offered me was £10! No refund or anything! Where do I go from here?
Sue - 17-Feb-16 @ 8:54 PM
I went to have my nails done at a professional nail salon, the lady cut me three times with the nail file and atleast one of the cuts has got infected, (this has been confirmed by a pharmacist) I went back to the nail salon and asked for my money back as I was no happy that they cut me and caused an infection and they told me the only way I could have my money back is if I had he nails removed, I had them removed and as they gave me the money back the lady started to be very rude and accused me of lying to a "professional" and that it was not infected at all because I did not cry when I put my fingers in the nail removing solution, how do I take this further and make a formal complaint and am I in my right to do so?
Coolcat606019 - 13-Jan-16 @ 1:45 PM
ok so first of all I booked an appointment and it was fine, 2 days later she contact me saying I could no longer have that time as someone else wanted it & gave me a different time I could have, when I got there she knew what I wanted (glitter gels on my own nail) she said she could no longer do that and I should get glitter nail enhancements with gel on so that's what I got when I got home however I noticed they are a total mess, gel is on my skin, gel isn't covering all of my nail, some are lumpy and bumpy, they're not all the same length so I asked for them off, she replied she didn't have any remover but she would remove them with clippers, I was appalled by this as it will ruin my natural nails I know this is not right but to make sure I asked other beauticians and they agree it is wrong and that she should be giving me a refund I asked her for a refund and she replied I wouldn't be getting one but she was really awful to me aswel in her reply she works in the back of her aunties piercing shop someone please help, how can I complain or what can I do? my nails are a real mess and she is being very rude also who do I go to about the complaint as she is not being nice at all THEY DO NOT HAVE AN INTERNET PAGE thanks
princess1995 - 29-Mar-13 @ 2:54 PM
I have a compliant about a salon and have contacted them but had no response after 6 weeks who do i take it to now? how do i findout which governing body it is? I have not been able to find it on the internet Thanks
embob - 17-Oct-12 @ 12:12 PM
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