Cosmetic Dentistry: Case Study

Angela Danby looked into having cosmetic dentistry carried out when she became fed up with the crooked teeth and “gummy smile” that she felt she had.

Angela went to Stephen Hennessy for a consultation, and spoke to him about having veneers and other cosmetic dental work carried out to help her regain confidence in her smile.

Dr Stephen Hennessy’s Story

“The initial treatment that we decided on for Angela involved removing some of the excessive gum/pink tissue that she showed when she smiled. Our oral surgeon removed a small amount of the gum tissue around her front teeth – this works to effectively increase the length of the teeth and at the same time decrease the amount of gum that was visible creating a more balanced smile and more even gum line.

“Angela’s teeth then needed to have veneers placed on them to improve the shape and colour of the individual teeth.

“Veneers are thin porcelain facings – similar to false finger nails – which are bonded onto the front surface of the teeth. A small amount of the original tooth has to be shaved away to make space for the veneer, then moulds of the prepared teeth are sent away to the dental lab where the veneers are constructed.

“Before the moulds being taken, Angela was given some temporary veneers to wear – we do this as a ‘trial run’ really so that we can see how we want the final set to be made. Wearing a prototype temporary set of veneers is a really important part of the process. The trial set is an important stage, because dental veneers have to be made to suit the individuals face, smile and also live up to the expectations the patient has of how they want to look.

“Prototypes can be changed and moulded until they are exactly how the patient wants them to look. During this stage we also whitened Angela’s teeth so that the final veneers could be made to match the new whiter shade.”

Angela’s Experience of Cosmetic Dentistry

“My teeth were left in the capable hands of and cosmetic dentist (and Botox expert) Dr Stephen Hennessy, whose credibility I checked out with the help of Google.

“I decided to go to Dr Hennessy when I read online that he lectures other medical professionals in the techniques of Botox and facial fillers.

“He is also a member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics and International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology. Impressive as this may sound, it was important to me to speak to a few of his patients, too. So I did, and the feedback was more than reassuring – with some amazing results.”

“To whiten my teeth, I was given special gel and a custom-made plastic mouth tray which I wore for a couple of hours every evening, for two weeks. And I was dazzled by the results. The whitening gave my teeth a lovely colour without making them look unnaturally ‘Jordan-white.’”

“Over a couple of visits to the surgery, Dr Hennessy took impressions of my teeth before filing a thin layer of enamel off the front ones, allowing bespoke veneers to be bonded on to each… I’ve been smiling like a Cheshire cat ever since I had my teeth done. The difference they make is amazing – they look like real teeth and shouldn’t need replacing for at least ten years.”

Dr Stephen Hennessy can be contacted at the Cosmetic Clinic @ – on 0845 0600 678

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