Dermal Fillers: Case Study

We all think that we are going to be 20 forever and we seem to feel the same on the inside, but sometimes the bodywork seems to need a little plumping, retouching and looking after.

Dr Ravi Jain from the Riverbanks Clinic in Harpenden explains a little more about dermal fillers and how they can help you maintain that youthful look a little longer…

“Dermal fillers have become popular among both men and women seeking a younger look but do not want to go down the route of cosmetic surgery. There are many different types of dermal fillers available today which makes it difficult for consumers to pick their way through all the products on offer. But safety is the number one priority and the ideal filler should have the following properties:

Clinically proven safety – the latest dermal filler may not be the best, or the safest, you need to be sure that the product has been well tested and ideally FDA approved which means it has undergone some of the most rigorous testing in the world, like Restylane Non-permanent – you need to retain flexibility and control over your looks because your face changes as you age. Besides beauty trends come and go and you do not want to land yourself with a look that you may regret in years to come.

Tissue friendly – minimising rejection by the skin. Permanent synthetic substances or implants can lead to ridges and bumps forming under the skin making it feel hard and not very natural. Your skin should look natural and soft.

Non-animal – minimising the risk of allergic reactions and avoiding the inconvenience of a skin test which usually takes place two weeks prior to treatment.

Hyaluronic acid – the buzz word in dermal fillers and indeed skincare, hyaluronic acid has important skin health functions and has now largely replaced collagen.

The Dermal Fillers I use

“Restylane® is one of my preferred dermal fillers which I use at the Riverbanks Clinic because in addition to the above, it has a superb safety track record and has a range of products all designed to be used in combination in different levels in the skin to give optimal long lasting results. Case Studies for Dermal Fillers

Nicola’s Story

“Nicola Wooding was prompted to seek my help after her daughter said she looked sad all the time. She wanted to look better, not different. What bothered her most of all was her downward turning mouth and the fine crêpey lines above her top lip. These are common problem areas caused by loss of elasticity and support in the skin which can easily be corrected with Restylane and Restylane Vital.

“Restylane now has integrated pain relief which is important when treating the area around the mouth which is a very sensitive area.

“I injected Restylane into the corners of Nicola’s mouth to provide more support so her mouth turned up, not downward. I also used Restylane to soften the marionette lines at the side of her mouth which also contributed to the sad look. With Restylane the results can be seen immediately and I handed the mirror to Nicola to see for herself and watched a large smile break across her face. I never tire of that moment! Nicola is coming back for a treatment review in about 4 months to make sure that she is still happy with her results. By then her Restylane Vital treatment will be completed around her mouth and her skin quality should show a marked improvement and her lipstick bleed problem should be solved”

Yves’ Story

“Yve Wallace has been successful in losing weight but when losing inches from her body, she also lost facial fat and her face succumbed to the pull of gravity. Yve felt she look tired all the time and wanted to look fresher.

“Yve had pronounced tear trough channels under her eyes and deep nose to mouth lines so I used Restylane Perlane, slightly thicker than regular Restylane, to replace the lost volume in her skin and soften the impact of the lines. Restylane Perlane has integrated pain relief for more comfortable treatment. Like Nicola, Yves’s mouth had started to pull down in the corners so I also used Restylane to dink the corners upwards.

“It’s one of those little treatments that make a big difference. Yve could see the results of the treatments immediately and was delighted. I have suggested that she pops back to see me at the end of the summer for a treatment top up. It is the booster treatments that prolong Restylane’s results to over a year. At the same time we will review Yve’s treatment plan and make sure that she is happy.”

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