How Reiki Helped Me: A Case Study

Shula Starkey, founder of the Ark Health & Beauty skin care centres which are now in four locations across London, is a Level II Reiki practitioner, who believes that touch is essential for emotional wellbeing and balance . She practices Reiki on a regular basis, not just on her clients but as part of her everyday life, after being introduced to it over ten years ago.

Shula explains why she loves Reiki – and why she feels that it has become such a major part of her life.

“Reiki really found me. I have always been open to alternative answers for what life brings and during my studies of the ‘I Ching’ I came across Reiki. My first experience of ReiKi was very powerful. I had a huge healing crisis followed by a feeling of total relief. Relief from what I don’t know – life I guess. What I do know is that afterwards I felt amazing.”

What Does Reiki Feel Like?

“My healing crisis or what I felt was, violent shaking from head to toe, nausea and dizziness. Sounds wonderful! This was extreme – and can happen – I obviously had a lot of toxic emotions, thoughts and past experiences that I had not released.

“I was taking part in my Reiki level one training, so there was a lot of energy going on in the room; this is why I had such an extreme healing crisis. On a one to one basis it is rare for the reaction to be so extreme. The feelings that most people experience seem to be a transfer of heat, tingling, vibration and sometimes an emotional release maybe some tears followed by a feeling of freedom. This is a positive sign that you should do more Reiki!”

“The effect of Reiki very much depends on the individual. Usually a client has a physical condition that draws them to Reiki, and in this case, sometimes the relief of the condition can be immediate, but it is the law of cause and effect.

“You really need to get to the bottom of what’s actually causing the condition. It is a Reiki belief that all our physical conditions are a manifestation of negative emotions, feelings or mindset that we hold on to. Reiki encourages the release of these and restores balance of the body, mind, energy, spirit and emotions.”

How Important is Reiki in your Life?

“I am a level II Reiki practitioner; I trained in the Usui Reiki Network with Mrs Barbara McGregor. I have practiced for 10 years in my four skincare centres at Ark Health and Beauty. I really believe that Reiki has enhanced my life and I try to live each day by the Reiki ideals, which are:

  • Just for today do not anger, accept.
  • Just for today do not worry, accept.
  • Just for today count your blessings and be grateful.
  • Just for today do an honest day’s work and earn your livelihood without hurting anyone.
  • Just for today be kind to every single living thing.”

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