What if the Spa Cancels Your Appointment?

Spas are supposed to be a haven of relaxation, but things can and do go wrong. Here’s what to do if you feel let down by your spa experience.

They Cancelled!

If the spa calls to cancel your appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, there’s probably not much you can do to insist on going ahead on the planned day. If there’s nobody available to carry out your treatment, due to sickness, for example, all you can do is reschedule.

Legally, you’re obviously entitled to rebook, at no cost. If the cancellation has cost you money – if they let you know too late and you’re already travelling to the appointment, you could claim what’s called consequential loss, which is when the spa has to pay any costs you’ve incurred as a direct result of their cancellation. These costs have to be reasonable, though, so if the treatment was just part of a longer spa stay, and you have the option to book in later, or for another treatment, it’s advisable to accept any goodwill gesture.

What if You Have to Cancel?

Check the spa’s cancellation policy. Most spas have a 24 hour policy, so as long as you give them enough notice you should be able to cancel and/or rebook with no penalty. Leave it too much longer though, and you could find yourself liable for part or the entire booking fee. Think of it this way – the spa won’t be able to fill the room at less than 24 hours’ notice, and they are entitled to the costs as their own consequential loss.

Make Your Preferences Clear

If it’s important to you that the products are organic, the massage is firm or the therapist is female rather than male, tell the spa when you book in, and don’t wait until the last minute. Spas usually have an automated booking system that can accommodate most preferences, but if all the female therapists are booked, or you haven’t told anyone that you want an organic body wrap, you can’t really complain afterwards.

However, if you have specifically asked for something and not received it, you’re entitled to make your feelings known to the therapist or spa manager. If you feel you can’t go ahead with your treatment because you absolutely must have a female carrying it out, for example, you could negotiate with the manager for a part refund, alternative treatment, or voucher for another treatment.

Being Punctual

Most spas like you to arrive for your beauty treatments around 15-30 minutes before they are due to start. Unless it’s a spa you have membership of, you’ll be expected to complete medical forms, and then change into appropriate spa wear, so if you arrive too late for your treatments you could find that the admin cuts into your spa-time. Don’t expect to get a full hour if you arrived ten minutes late for your massage – the therapist will have other clients to see, and won’t want to keep them waiting.

Most spa complaints can be resolved with a little negotiation on both parts and some common sense. The whole point of a spa visit is to relax and unwind you – most spas are aware of this and want to make your time there as pleasant and stress-free as possible!

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