How to Tell if your Salon or Spa is Clean and Safe

When you book a spa or a salon visit, you expect to leave relaxed, having been spoiled and beautified by attentive therapists in a tranquil, calm environment. You don’t want to leave with a nasty infection or feeling slightly soiled…so what should you look for to make your experience squeaky clean?

First Impressions

When you walk through the door, you should be greeted by a therapist or receptionist who looks clean, well-groomed and professional. It’s not a good sign if the person to welcomes you into a salon is covered in the remains of a mud wrap or hair dye. Take a look around, is the salon tidy and well looked after, or is there an air of neglect? Of course, clients are always going to leave magazines and empty glasses lying around in a reception when they go in for their treatments, but if there are piles of dirty towels and a collection of lipsticked mugs, it all points to an overall lack of attention to detail.

Salon and spa floor surfaces should be kept clean – no self respecting spa wants to be the subject of a compensation claim if a client slips on a spillage that hasn’t been cleaned up, or trips over a discarded item in reception. If you see a dirty floor, it should immediately ring alarm bells. Accidents will happen of course, so if you see a member of staff with a mop in hand after something’s been dropped, that’s not a problem. If, however, the mess is ignored while salon staff seem oblivious to it, it’s not a great sign.

Snoop Around

While you’re waiting for your treatment, take some time to have a look around the waiting area and see what certificates are displayed. Any salon worth its salt will proudly display staff training certificates and salon credentials. The Hair and Beauty Industry Association HABIA has introduced awards for good health and safety practice, only handed out to salons which meet the highest standards. If you notice one of these in your salon reception, you’ll know that you’re in good, clean hands!

In the Zone

When you get into the treatment room, you should feel relaxed and at home. Warm fluffy and clean towels, a freshly laundered robe, maybe some aromatherapy oils burning…all things you would come to expect from a good spa or salon. Check the instruments that the therapist is about to use on you – are they new (if you’re having some treatments such as a waxing, or acupuncture, this is absolutely vital) or disinfected? Does everything look clean?

Don’t be afraid to ask your therapist if you’re in any way unsure. There are very good reasons for being particular about salon hygiene and any self respecting therapist will be happy to reassure you. Salon and spa hygiene has been under the spotlight in recent years following reports of clients catching fungal infections from dirty pedicure kits – and worse. Some spa pools and Jacuzzis have even been found to contain the bacteria responsible for deadly Legionnaire’s disease.

Please Wash your Hands

Of course, it’s school playground stuff but some people still don’t seem to understand the importance of good hand hygiene. If someone is about to give you a treatment – perhaps a waxing which will involve delicate areas and the opportunity for infection, they must wash their hands thoroughly or use protective gloves.

Most of these points are plain common sense, and you would expect any half decent establishment to be somewhere you could go to relax – without worrying about whether the towels have been washed recently. You’ve paid to be pampered – expect nothing less!

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