A Tattoo Removal: Case Study

Laser tattoo removal is one way of getting rid of a tattoo that’s outstayed its welcome. The method is widely available and effective, although there are side effects and drawbacks to this type of tattoo removal.

Linda, a 37 year old woman from Rochester, says that she became fed up with her large, ill-advised tattoo when she realised that it was stopping her wearing the clothes she wanted to wear. She says;

“I was a bit of a Goth when I was in my teenage years, and thought I was really brave when I went out aged 18 and got the tat I’d always wanted. It was my pride and joy, and for years I did love it. When I left uni and started looking for jobs, because the tattoo was on my shoulder, it didn’t really cause me much problem. I was a big girl and didn’t really wear skimpy clothes anyway.

“By the time I got to my late twenties, I decided to revamp my look, I was way too old for the Goth/punk thing and I also lost weight, and started wanting to wear pretty tops and show my arms and shoulders. The trouble was, although the tattoo I had wasn’t massive, it looked odd with the clothes I wanted to wear. It also looked slightly odd as it had been inked on when I was bigger. It was almost as if it didn’t ‘fit’ me anymore!

Linda did some research online and came up with a few potential places that could offer a tattoo removing service. When she spoke to the clinic, she was told that her tattoo should respond well to laser removal treatment.

“They said that because it was more or less one colour, it made it easier to remove with lasers.” Linda explained, “so I decided that I would try that route and if it didn’t work, there was the option of having the tattoo excised. Obviously I preferred the laser route, so I booked in and hoped for the best.”

Taking your Time

One good reason to be really sure about a tattoo is the length of time and the expense of removing a tattoo that you’ve outgrown. In Linda’s case, the tattoo wasn’t huge, but it still took six sessions with the laser until she was completely happy with the results.

“I booked in for half a dozen sessions and decided to see how I felt after those before I booked any more. All the research I’d done had indicated that I’d need anything from six to twelve sessions to get rid of the tattoo, so I was fairly pleased that six sessions reduced the appearance of it to something I could live with.”

What was Laser Tattoo Removal Like?

“I can’t honestly say it was the most comfortable experience in my life,” says Linda.

“The laser tattoo removal sessions at the clinic weren’t painful by any stretch of the imagination, but they weren’t the best way to spend half an hour! Some of the sessions seemed more uncomfortable than others, the technician and I joked that it was probably down to hormones! The leaflets all describe it as like having a rubber band pinged on your skin, but as that’s not really something I’d do, all I can say is that it felt like a sharp prickling, stinging pain but wasn’t too intense.

“Sometimes towards the end of a treatment it would get a bit much but mostly it was fine.”

The Results

Linda is pleased with the treatments, and says, “It wasn’t cheap, but I think you probably get what you pay for. I went with one of the more well-known skin clinics, and they explained everything every step of the way. The consultation was great, and I knew that the tattoo might still be slightly visible after treatment.

“To be fair, you can still see where it was, but it’s not immediately obvious and the mark is very pale. I’m really happy with it, and enjoying being able to wear strappy tops at last!”

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