Butt Cellulite: Causes & Treatments

Millions of women (and very few men) commonly suffer from butt cellulite. There are many causes for this condition, with genetics, poor health and diet, and being a female amongst the top contributing factors.

If your butt cellulite keeps you from wearing a great bikini to the beach or flaunting that new adorable mini-skirt off in public, read this article for information regarding what could be the cause of your butt cellulite and treatment to take care of it once and for all.

What is Butt Cellulite

Cellulite is a harmless yet annoying skin condition that combines excess fat, fibrous bands, and loss of elasticity in the skin.

These lumpy fat deposits form directly underneath the skin of your butt that starts to push outwards through fibrous tissues, creating a dimply or “orange peel” look. 

Unfairly, 9 out of 10 women will develop cellulite in one area or another on their body in their lifetime, while the opposite sex rarely sufferers from it at all.

Cellulite can be a medical condition that lasts a few years or can be lifelong, depending on how you choose to take care of it and yourself.

What Causes Butt Cellulite

When we are young, our skin is firm, smooth, and soft. As we age, various things can cause our young skin to sag, dry out, and become dimply. If you are experiencing cellulite, know that you are not alone. It is reported that 93% of post-pubescent women will have a form of cellulite some time in their lives. 

Not only does cellulite occur in roughly 9 out of 10 women it also isn’t picky about the person it affects. Whether you are healthy, obese, active, or elderly, every female has the chance of developing this skin condition due to genetics, lifestyle, and living environment.

Below is a list of reasons you may find yourself with a bumpy textured booty at some point.

  • Genetics– Sadly, it can simply run in the family, with one woman passing it on to the next.
  • Being a female: Cellulite is most often found in post pubescent women
  • Aging: As you age, your skin loses its elasticity causing it to texturize
  • Being overweight: The more fat cells you have stored inside your body, the more clumps or clusters of fat lumps will begin to develop.
  • Inactive lifestyle: Sitting for long periods of time can cause a lack of circulation 
  • Pregnancy: Excessive quick weight gain during pregnancy combined with hormones is a big contributor to butt cellulite.
  • Poor collagen production: Weak collagen production decreases the firmness of your skin
  • Fad diets: Fad diets tend to become yoyo diets, resulting in rapid weight gain and weight loss.
  • Dehydration: Skin needs to be hydrated to stay firm and smooth.
  • Tight clothing: Tight clothing can reduce proper blood flow to your booty, creating poor circulation.
  • Lack of Sleep: Without a good amount of sleep, your skin balance is out of whack, and you lose moisture fast.
  • Overstressed: Hormones associated with stress are known for contributing to cellulite formation.
  • Smoking: Smoking by far is one of the worst things for your skin, skin hydration, and even skin color.

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid every contributor to butt cellulite. However, once it does form, there are many great options available through professionals and at home to help treat it.

How to Treat Butt Cellulite

There is a common misconception out there that once you have butt cellulite you are stuck with it forever; this is not true. Although it may be difficult for some people to get rid of their cellulite and others may not be able to get rid of it at all, most women can at least reduce it enough to give you back their confidence.

There are multiple ways you can treat your butt cellulite and repair your booty giving it a smooth look you love.

Cellulite Medication

If your cellulite is really bothering you, you can speak with a doctor or dermatologist about trying a topical retinoid medication that is known for reducing the appearance of cellulite with compounds that thicken your skin.

These medications come in a cream or lotion form and are rubbed into the affected area daily until your cellulite is gone.

Cellulite Procedures

There are quite a few clinics available for different forms of cellulite procedures that are minimally invasive and can remove fat and break up tissue bands in order to get rid of cellulite and the dimple marks on your butt.

  • Laser treatment: Laser treatments involve a small laser fiber inserted underneath your skin, where it breaks up the bands that cause cellulite and also thickens the skin.
  • Subcision: Subcision is a form of cellulite treatment that involves a small incision where a needle is inserted under the skin to cut the bands and relieve tension, causing your butt dimples.
  • Liposuction: Liposuction is a procedure where a tube is inserted under the skin and sucks up access fat. 

Cellulite Injections

Collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes injectable treatments are among the top treatments utilized by women today. The QWO formula is FDA approved and is inserted into a woman’s butt dimple, specifically targeting affected areas.

These procedures are mostly pain-free and are injected without any form of numbing agent or anesthesia. 

The injection works with a combination of compounds that break up the connective tissue bands, helping to smooth your skin and firm your buttocks.

Cupping Technique

Cupping has become a very popular trend in recent years for reducing the appearance of cellulite and has proven to be successful for many with continuous use.

Cupping helps get rid of cellulite because it promotes detoxification in the skin, stimulates circulation, and helps to break up clusters of fat cells.

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How to Get Rid of Butt Cellulite Naturally

Many people don’t like opting for surgery or trying different medications, and we get that. That is why we have added a few natural ways you can try to reduce your cellulite naturally.

Work From the Inside Out

A good diet is a great start to beating that booty cellulite; remember, you want to get as much hydration as possible and anything that can reduce inflammation and promotes collagen production. 

Anti-cellulite foods to add to your daily diet:

  • Eggs – Aids in skin tissue repair
  • Tomatoes – Full of antioxidants and other compounds that protect skin from damage
  • Flaxseed – A great oil that helps hydrate your skin
  • BrazilNuts – Composed of ingredients that help protect skin elasticity
  • White tea – contains antioxidants that help keep skin smooth and firm
  • Watermelon – high water content to hydrate skin
  • Pineapple – Contains anti-inflammatory properties and aids in collagen production to repair skin
  • Blueberries – A superfruit high in antioxidants and collagen protection properties
  • Spinach –  A great source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties

Cellulite inducing foods to Avoid 

Most foods are okay in moderation; there are some foods you should consider dramatically reduced if you are looking to be cellulite-free.

  • Dairy products
  • Refined sugar
  • Limit carbohydrates
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DIY a Butt Body Wrap

There are many tutorials out there that guide you to creating and using plastic wrap and a mixture of ingredients to help trim down your butt fat and smooth out that skin.  

The best way to make your own body wrap requires a mixture of coconut oil, coffee grounds, and essential oils if you want a scent other than coconut (lavender, peppermint, rosemary, etc.).

Once these ingredients are thoroughly mixed together, scrub them onto your booty with a loofa, ensuring you completely cover the skin, and the product is rubbed into your skin.

Then wrap yourself with plastic around the hips, totally covering your butt, making sure it is tight, but not so tight it hurts. 

Now, relax for an hour or so, then take a nice warm shower, rinsing the mixture off completely. 

Towel dry, then finish up with a quality moisturizer. 

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Foam Roller

Doing an inverted booty roll a few times a day can help roll out reduce cellulite by breaking down the large lumps of fat directly underneath the skin, giving you a bump-free butt.

You may also want to consider using a foam roller on the inner thighs and directly below your botox to create a firm and lifted look.

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Coconut OIl

Coconut oil is a great natural resource that is beneficial in various ways. Many people will use coconut oil in their hair to help strengthen it and give it a nice natural shine. Others use coconut oil to aid in dental health or apply it to their skin to protect against sun exposure.

This product is also commonly used as a natural lotion or rub to help fight against cellulite by simply applying it to the problem area once a day.

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Coffee Scrub

Some people avoid coffee due to the high caffeine content, while others wouldn’t make their way through the day without it, a jolt of energy isn’t the only thing that this daily cup of pick me up is good for.

It is believed that the antioxidant properties in coffee help reduce inflammation and redness in your skin, giving it a smoother look. It is also understood that caffeine dilates the blood vessels reducing bumps. 

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Exercises for Getting Rid of Butt Cellulite

As previously mentioned, one of the best ways to get rid of butt cellulite is by keeping yourself in great shape, and that includes weekly workouts. 

Although just about any good workout will do, there are a few simple moves that will blast that booty fast and firm up your skin, reducing the cellulite faster than you would believe.

  • Squats and Jump Squats
  • Jumping jacks with a squat
  • Lunges
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Curtsy lunge
  • Hip thrusts
  • Single leg deadlift 
  • One-legged bridge 
  • Step up with a kick 
  • Dumbell sumo squats
  • Side lunge with leg lift 
  • Bridge
  • Frog pump
  • Donkey Kick
  • Fire hydrant

These are all killer workouts for your butt. Pick a few options a day, a few days a week, and do however many reps of each it takes until your tush is really feeling it. Keep this up, and you will see the cellulite melt away in no time at all.

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How Do You Prevent Butt Cellulite?

While you can’t hide from genetics, nor can you combat nature, you can do some things to help keep your cellulite from getting too bad or too noticeable. What you need to do is keep your skin elastic and tight; you can do this by eating a proper diet and exercising regularly.

You can help decrease the chances of developing cellulite by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. This is going to keep your skin hydrated and therefore moisturized, flexible, and firm. 

Frequent booty massages are another great way to aid in the prevention of butt cellulite, whether you do this at home or see a masseuse. Frequent messages help to keep your skin flexible and will break down and break apart clustered fat cells.

Another suggested way to prevent cellulite formation is through a good sweaty workout that will build lean muscles and lengthen those muscles stretching the skin, firming it, and giving you an overall smooth appearance.

Lastly, try using a dry brush after taking a warm shower a few minutes a day, a few days a week. By rubbing a dry hairbrush over the affected area, you are going to increase blood circulation, stimulate your lymph nodes, and produce smoother-looking skin.

Does Cellulite Cause Pain?

Most cases of cellulite are pretty painless and are only an eyesore that can cause someone to be very self-conscious. However, there are some serious cases of cellulite that can lead to painful sensations in the affected area. Most cases of painful cellulite are in overweight people who have a large amount of access fat.


Having cellulite isn’t something to feel bad or ashamed of; it is a common occurrence that most women suffer from at one point in their life or another. If you are worried about your cellulite and the way it looks, consider trying out one of the treatment options above to help get back your confidence. 

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