Essential Beauty Salon and Spa Tips

Everyone goes to a spa, or salon, to pamper themselves. You want to leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, not worried that you did the wrong thing! Here are a few tips – the niggling little questions you always wanted to ask but somehow never managed to…

So, What Should I take With Me?

If you’re going to a salon, you just turn up in whatever you usually wear, and undress to suit the treatment. For waxing, you’ll obviously need to uncover the areas you are having de-fuzzed…and if this is the bikini area, you’ll either wear your own knickers or paper ones provided by the salon. Your therapist will let you know what needs to be taken off for any treatments you have in a salon or a spa. For messy treatments like wraps and body scrubs, you’ll probably end up in scratchy paper pants but it’s not for too long.

If you got to a spa, even just for the day, the most essential items are your swimming costume and bath robe. Some spas supply robes so check in advance. They are usually rather small, so make sure you take your own if you are a curvy girl! If you’re taking part in any of the fitness classes, take exercise gear too.

What’s Under The Robe?

It’s a perplexing question for a novice spa-goer. What do you wear under your robe? Most people spend a lot of time in the pools and wet rooms, so a swimming costume is the practical option. It’s nice to take two costumes so that you can change into a dry one and don’t have to sit around steaming after a swim, but this is up to you.

You can usually buy towelling spa slippers in most spas, but you might prefer to take flip flops or your own slippers instead, to potter around the pool area in.


If you know you’re having a treatment, it’s best to let your food digest beforehand. Try to leave at least an hour between eating and treating, whether in a salon or at a spa. Don’t drink any alcohol before a treatment.

Medical Conditions

Different treatments affect different conditions, but overall, it’s wise to tell your therapist if you have any of the conditions below, before you have a treatment. They can advise you whether it’s a good idea to go ahead or change to something more suitable.

  • If you wear a pacemaker
  • If you have any existing or previous heart condition
  • If you have high blood pressure
  • If you are diabetic
  • If you suffer with any allergies
  • If you are epileptic
  • If you’re a contact lens wearer


If you’re pregnant, you should probably avoid having any body treatments in the first three months, as there are some essential oils, treatments and ingredients treatments which aren’t advisable. Stay out of the Jacuzzi or any hot baths, and avoid have a heat treatments, the saunas and steam room, because they raise your internal body temperature.

Waxing Dos and Dont’s

Waxing has an etiquette all of its own, so if you’re having anything waxed, here’s a few tips just for you.

  • Don’t have any heat treatments (for example a sauna, sunbed or Jacuzzi session less than eight hours before or 24 hours after your wax.)
  • Don’t wear your best undies for a bikini wax!
  • Don’t use normal deodorants after you’ve had your under arms waxed. Most salons can supply a specially designed ‘sensitive’ deodorant.

Embarrassing Money Matters

Most therapists don’t expect a tip, but if you’re thrilled with your treatment and want to say thank you, add a tip to the bill when you pay. This avoids embarrassing moments.

Alternatively, in a spa you can leave some cash behind in an envelope on reception. The average tip rate is around 10% – 20% of the cost of your treatment. Some spas add an optional 2-3% to the final bill, instead.

A spa or salon trip is designed to make you feel good, so although these tips are here to help, if you feel awkward or unsure, it really doesn’t matter. Just relax!

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